About T.A.G

T.A.G. is committed to saving the animals of Turkey! Please donate today and save a life from the harsh streets these animals are born on!
We have our own private shelter set up to rehabilitate, rehome, neuter, give medical treatment to so many animals. Mission to rescue sick, stray, injured and starving animals from the streets of Turkey and to rehome these animals to loving homes throughout the world.
T.A.G. is also committed to promoting trap, neuter and release programs throughout Turkey as well as helping to educate Turkish animal shelters in the proper care of its animals.

Company Overview
The Turkish Animal Group (T.A.G.) is a registered charity and our number is 1148352 - we are based in Turkey and United Kingdom.
T.A.G. was founded by Karen Wren after she visited Turkey for the first time in 2002 when she witnessed the horrific living conditions animals were forced to deal with in Turkey day in and day out. From that day forward, Karen knew that the rest of her life would be committed to helping the animals of Turkey.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Georgie - Available for Adoption!

Meet Georgie - This is the day we found her which was a few days ago now , a very shy , sweet little Puppy that we found the day we burried George, she was right near his grave!
Here she is with Mustafa <3
She is around 4 mths old and a very nervous, shy little girl.
She has been vaccinated and is at the shelter now with Evie 

Eating well and like to be with dogs more than humans at this time but that will change once she see,s that we love her.

More photos and updates to follow. 

Meet Mustafa!

Who loves and adores these animals, he goes out with Karen to the early hours in the morning to feed street dogs, Works hard for the shelter, transporting dogs to the vets, Just anything asked of him he does it all for the animals here and he is a wonderful person ♥

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Betsy- Available for Adoption

Meet Betsy - Available for Adoption

 Betsy a pointer was found with her Sister Dilillah (Dee, Dee) aged 8 weeks old and being used by 2 young lads to get tourists to give them money outside a supermarket.

 Covered in Mange and riddled in Tick/fleas we had to chase them to get the pups.

 Karen got them safe and took them home where they were looked after, got their vaccinations, treated for Mange until ready to go to the shelter.

 They are now at the shelter and Betsy is the sweetest little dog ever!
The shy one of the sisters she is in need of a home, She is now 6mths old and we would like to get her a lovely home either in Turkey, Europe or the UK, If the UK we can help with funds to get her there.

Interested in Betsy then please do get in touch - Thank you.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Puppies dumped and needing urgent help

Information from Karen:

We have had 10 pups recently dumped at the shelter, A family of 5 x 6 mth old pups, 3 x 3/4mth old pups and 2 pups with no tails as they have been cut off.

 Yesterday I saw a Puppy thrown from a pick up truck on to the dumping waste land where we feed the dogs, I thought they had thrown 2 but it was my mistake it was 1.  This pup is called Evie.  Read about here Evie...Available for Adoption

 The Dumping waste land has 11 dogs and all have Mange, the 4 pups are in bad condition as they were born not so long ago and always hidden from us so we have to treat them.

 Please if you can donate to help us to vaccinate the 10 pups,  and treat all these pups/dogs on the waste rubbish dump!



Little Sausage...Available for Adoption

Little Sausage need a home.

 This is her full size and she is around 8mths old, No bigger than a terrier (Westie ) size.

If you are interested in adopting Sausage, please do contact us.

Evie....Available for Adoption.

Meet Evie.

Details from Karen:

 Thrown from a pick up truck right in from of us ( Karen and Mustafa ) Thrown on to a rubbish dumping waste land / She was thrown in the air like she was nothing more than rubbish being tossed away

 Mustafa and myself ran over to her and picked her up, unsure what was happening to her , she instantly wet everywhere and was shaking from fear.

 We stopped what we were doing and drove home....
Covered in Ticks and fleas and sheep poop we got her clean and she had a lovely meal of puppy meat and biscuits.
Evie with Karen's dog Beau

Happy to be fed, clean and safe

 She needs vaccinated and a paraband collar and she is very underweight, so we will get her back to full health.

 She is in need of a home - If you can help Evie please do so here - http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/turkish-animal-group/80269