About T.A.G

T.A.G. is committed to saving the animals of Turkey! Please donate today and save a life from the harsh streets these animals are born on!
We have our own private shelter set up to rehabilitate, rehome, neuter, give medical treatment to so many animals. Mission to rescue sick, stray, injured and starving animals from the streets of Turkey and to rehome these animals to loving homes throughout the world.
T.A.G. is also committed to promoting trap, neuter and release programs throughout Turkey as well as helping to educate Turkish animal shelters in the proper care of its animals.

Company Overview
The Turkish Animal Group (T.A.G.) is a registered charity and our number is 1148352 - we are based in Turkey and United Kingdom.
T.A.G. was founded by Karen Wren after she visited Turkey for the first time in 2002 when she witnessed the horrific living conditions animals were forced to deal with in Turkey day in and day out. From that day forward, Karen knew that the rest of her life would be committed to helping the animals of Turkey.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Marley...Adopted by Laurianne

This is Marley:

Laurianne says:

This is a little testimony for anyone looking to adopt from T.A.G
I would first like to say a big thank you for the whole T.A.G team bringing my gorgeous Marley to me and my boyfriend.

 Karen puts her heart and soul into rescuing many animals in Turkey.  Many people say why adopt from a country so far away and not just give money - My response which a very wise women named Jessie Rescued said to me once 'You can't change the world for all dog's but you can change the world for one'.

Giving a dog a home instead of donating for that one dog is giving it a life, they are happy in a kennel because that is all they know rehoming a dog and giving it a life, food, social skills and happiness is one of the most rewarding things I can now say I have done. I have taken that one dog who came from a life of abuse and god knows what else the chance of a happy and content life!.

... Karen works day in and day out to feed stray dogs, takes them to her home helps them with any problems, raises money for medical care and socialises them into the kennels which doesn't stop there.  All the dogs are loved and given plenty of cuddles and human contact.

 When I collected Marley - I could see how much he didn't want to leave her, she burst into tears as she had grown such an attachment to Marley and him to her, she muttered the words ''my boy, you have a home'' if I ever want to realise truly what I did by adopting its remembering that beautiful moment- this is what it is all about.  The woman in my eyes is an angel and all the team behind the scenes who manage the charity and help show courage, patience, care, consideration and much more.

I am forever in T.A.G'S debt and will always help with donations when I can, if you do adopt from her send her updates and piccies, remember she was their first mummy and the first person to show kindness to them.

T.A.G thank you so much for getting the boy safe here and all the other doggies - thank you for sleeping in the van at night with them Karen and not wanting to leave their side, thank you Denise Harris,  Mo & Sheila French for giving us updates and thankyou Jessie for helping with all of the charity work and supporting me through the process.

Karen thank you for everything you did.

Laurianne Jackson

If you are interested in adopting a TAG dog, please go the TAG Facebook page (link on sidebar), or leave a message here for me.

Transporting dogs out of Turkey.....

...is no mean feat.  There is a terrific amount of legal paperwork to put in place, along with micro-chipping, vaccinations, blood tests, etc, etc.  Then the transport has to be arranged.  A van with suitable cages for the animals, food supplies and water.   And then the long journey, accompanied by one person to every 5 animals,  through Turkey and Europe to the final destination.

One such journey took place last week, and 7 dogs and 1 cat were safely delivered to their owners or adopters/fosterers.  Here are just some of the photos from that trip.
Handsome Gumbo - From the beach in Gumbet where he was spotted by Mo who could not leave him.  He came to the TAG shelter until everything was arranged for his journey to the UK.

Marley and Gumbo 
Sheeba - Our 3 legged shepherd - now with a wonderful lady in the UK called Suzanne who is caring for her until a forever home is found

Sheeba with Suzanne

Forest..on his way to Germany and his new owner Incilay
Forest with Incilay and Bill

Having a pit stop at Incilay's in Germany, All the dogs had a free run around in the garden Thanks Incilay and Bill x

Cagla and Missy

Sheeba, Cagla and Missy

Cagla reunited with her owners.  TAG also transport dogs and cats to the UK when their owners re-locate.

Faith on his way to the UK

Faith..arrived in the UK..with his new owner Shiela

Olive on her way to the UK

Spencer reunited with Olive, Spencer first saw Olive on the beach in Akbuk after she had been dumped there. TAG helped him get her to the UK, Here he is with Olive at Dover.

Suzi the cat, now with Annie in the UK


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dogs available for Adoption...Photo Gallery No 3

Here are some more dogs awaiting adoption at the TAG shelter.  If you also click on "available for adoption" in the list of labels on my sidebar, you will see more dogs awaiting their forever homes.

If you would like more information on these dogs, or any of the other dogs awaiting adoption,  please contact TAG via the pages on Facebook, or leave a message here on this blog.






Dogs awaiting Adoption...Photo Gallery No 2

Here are two more dogs awaiting adoption at the TAG shelter.  If you also click on "available for adoption" in the list of labels on my sidebar, you will see more dogs awaiting their forever homes.

If you would like more information on these dogs, or any of the other dogs awaiting adoption,  please contact TAG via the pages on Facebook, or leave a message here on this blog.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Guest Post by Elizabeth

I am delighted that Elizabeth has written this post for the blog.  She has so much experience with the street dogs of Turkey, and if any of you are considering adopting a dog from TAG, you will find her words very reassuring.    If you have any questions to ask Elizabeth, please put them in the Comments box at the end of this post, and she will do her utmost to answer them for you.

Elizabeth's Daily Journey with TAG

As all of you will know we adopted 3 Turkish dogs and a Turkish cat. We have done it over the last couple of years but if anyone is interested in doing this I would thoroughly recommend it, but tell you honestly what we did wrong and what we did right. Hindsight is wonderful. We have another dog on the cards and that will complete our family.

To adopt any dog can be difficult as you are  getting  an animal which may have been abused, starved or beaten. Unfortunately they cannot tell you their story but as you get to know them things become very evident.

To understand what I'm hoping to tell, you will have to read the previous stories about my dogs - Elizabeth's Journey with TAG. ( parts 1-5)
Ruby: Ruby survived because she was tough and strong. Now this is good for a street cat , of course, as she can and did chase any other cat away. One look from Ruby and they fled from any dish of food. So we took her home and we have 3 other cats. She is still the toughie she always was, so we have  had to take our time adjusting her to food out all the time and letting the others eat. She is getting better but Ruby Rules OK!
This will always be the case now but as long as the rest are reassured there is no problem.
Toorki : Toorki ( Ataturk) had huge problems with commitment. How could a dog be anything else when he is so intelligent ?  Toorki was difficult BECAUSE of his intelligence. We didn't understand why he couldn't and wouldn't come to us. We then realised he had a fear of grass and being held by the collar. Every Turkish dog we have had , has had this problem about being held. They are fearful of collar contact- clicker training was needed. Click/touch/tasty food.
Toorki had also been shunted from place to place,  landing up in boarding kennels before he came across to the UK. Even when he arrived with us his future was not secure but when we eventually adopted him the real bonding could begin. He always wanted to run- he's a big dog and this would scare me as I can't stand him out of my sight. I did accept though that he would always come home after about ten minutes- a very, long ten minutes for me. I had to train him out of this and did it by walking and walking and walking him.
We now have a wonderful dog- I really mean this. Even our vet who sees dogs every day commented, Hasn't he the kindest eyes?  
Zorro: Zorro, Zozzie, Zozzicle (all his names) has been an absolute character. It was as though he was waiting for us all his life. When we put him in the van beside me to leave Turgutreis he NEVER looked back. He KNEW he was heading to his new life.
He had never had a toy or bone or chew ( and he is at least 10 years old) and when he DID get them he would growl at the others. We noticed this was part of the fun. He could really enjoy having a bone if everyone else wanted it!!!!  He will bury the bone then guard the burial place with great enthusiasm and dedication, refusing to let anyone pass by so all the dogs, to placate him, go for long circuitous routes around him. If he gets the chance to chew the bone Toorki will, at any time, approach, look at him and Zorro immediately gives up his treasure. This is quietly and confidently done by Toorki- no growls or any outward signs to us , yet repeatedly Zorro gives in.
As befitting a street dog he is a brilliant bin raker. The swing lids are wonderful  for him and the fuller the bin the better. Once a street dog? Always...............  The times I have forgotten and heard CRASH............ and he's off!!!!! Holding on to any wrapper, paper or egg shell!!!! For an old man he can fairly sprint. 
  Because he didn't have a MUM before, he is totally besotted with me. He will guard me with his life and I find the street dogs are very loyal like this. Who can blame them? He IS getting braver about Mum disappearing into the bathroom, but the first time he saw me have a shower was hilarious. He SO wanted to be with me but hey ho..... what was she doing? Cattle also running to the fence as he passes utterly amazes him. He has NO idea what they are. Eyes are on stalks. He is a great joy to us and every day we have him is a good day.
Frodo: Frodo was very difficult and I needed help . With hindsight we should NOT have had anyone else into his chalet/ den /cave. He went out there to have a rest after the long European journey and he didn't come out for 4 months. I had a dog trainer come in and she said to sit with him in the room  but NO looking or touching until HE wanted. Extremely difficult. He also must be the most learned of dogs as he had radio 4 on all day in the background. I was also glad of it when I spent time with him as it was a long sit with your coffee. What we did was introduce friends to the chalet and they would sit with him as well. I see now I should have left him with me alone because when he decided to come out he had me and his cave as his safe place and HE then decided who he saw and didn't. NO one else is now allowed into his chalet. He comes out to my husband and is quite happy with him outside  but would  shrink back from him if he went into his cave/ his personal space still. He has come on in leaps and bounds- literally!!!! He boings around like a spring lamb.
We also wondered about Frodo's brother- he is coming across at the end of the year but SO glad Frodo was on his own. He is brave by himself and is our young lab's friend and if Stitch had been with him he would always  have been in his shadow, so in that respect we did the right thing. Frodo can now show off to Stitch.
To take any rescue dog is a leap of faith that you will have a dog you can train and will accept you and the TAG dogs we have are intelligent, grateful and loyal. ALSO they are healthy as only the tough have survived. Survival of the fittest indeed. Toilet training for them has been a breeze. When you consider they have been in outdoor kennels for most of their lives it amazes me how very clean they are. Frodo was 4 months inside but not once did he do anything anywhere other than the newspapers I gave him for this act. Whenever he came outside that was it- all toilet outside. He did it himself.
 No dog or cat asks to come to you. You have chosen your dog or cat and when things are a little difficult , as sometimes they can be, remember that animal has a sensitivity and dignity that I feel a lot of humans have lost. A day spent with humans or my dogs? My dogs win  every time!!!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Available for Adoption...Photo gallery No. 1

Here are just some of the dogs awaiting adoption at the TAG shelter.  If you also click on "available for adoption" in the list of labels on my sidebar, you will see more dogs awaiting their forever homes.

If you would like more information on these dogs, or any of the other dogs awaiting adoption,  please contact TAG via the pages on Facebook, or leave a message here on this blog.










Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Please sign this petition

It has recently discovered that veterinary practices   in Turkey cannot access the antiserum for animals bitten by the Viper  snake.   The antiserum is only available from  State Hospitals and  State Health Clinics. Because it is a  drug that needs to be recorded they will only administer  it to people themselves.
So sadly this means that   pets and  cats and dogs  being cared for by  Animal Welfare Groups  die unnecessarily.
n order to stop painful and unnecessary deaths we implore the Ministry of Agriculture to allow veterinary practices to obtain and administer the antiserum.

Please help by following the link below and signing the petition.   Thankyou.


Saturday, 13 July 2013

We need fundraisers


Have you a few hours a week to spare or could you organise a one-off event?


Dogs are starving

A familiar sight all over Turkey.  Dogs starving and in need of medical treatment.  Most people don't care.  T.A.G. does care and will continue to feed  these poor needy animals.

These 2 dogs have been dumped near Karen's home and are painfully thin, one is living in a field the other has moved closer to the homes in the area.

The white one is a female around 10months old and the Male is around 10months to a year old.

 Karen is now  feeding them and will get them tick treatment as the ticks are horrendously bad all over turkey with the heat.

This little man also appeared with the 2 thin dogs ,although in good condition he was real hungry so keeping an eye on him also.

If you would like to help feed these dogs and provide medical treatment, and also help to feed the many dogs on the streets which TAG care for every day, please donate...see links on my sidebar.


Monday, 8 July 2013

Dogs in the forest and on the streets

Apart from the many dogs that are being cared for in the TAG shelter, awaiting adoption, Karen and her team also go out every single day to feed up to 80 more dogs on the streets and in the forest.

As well as feeding them, they are gradually being neutered and spayed, to keep down the ever increasing dog population.

If you would like to donate towards the cost of feeding and neutering these dogs, please go to one of the donation links on the sidebar.

Any of these dogs could be available for adoption too, so please contact us if you are interested.


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Boston...Available for Adoption

Karen says:

Boston, is a big lovable boy around now 1.5yrs old. I found him in the village of Kizikli wandering around on the road looking for food at around 8-10 weeks old.

He is up to date with all his injections and has been castrated. He is a great dog and is one of my free dogs living outside. Well in fact he jumps the fence and comes and goes as he wishes.  He has a few food issues but they are getting better.

None of my dogs have a problem with Boston,  but he would suit a home with a female better than a male as he is a ladies man!   A garden  with a high fence would be essential to keep him safe.

He is a shepherd mix and a large breed dog so will need plenty of excerise.  He has protected me many times and would do so for anyone he is close too. He would let nothing happen to me ever and so his new owner can expect a terrific dog that would be with them all his life and protect them.  I adore him and anyone who gets him will be super lucky.

If Boston is the dog for you, then please get in touch.

Friday, 5 July 2013


The majority of dogs in the TAG shelter are available for adoption.  However, it takes a lot of organisation, time and money to arrange forever homes.

In the meantime, the dogs have to be fed, so we need sponsors.

It costs £5 per month to sponsor one of our dogs and many have no sponsors at all..

To sponsor one please contact us via the Turkish Animal Group (Dog Adoptables) page on Facebook and the payment can either be done via our UK bank by standing order monthly or via paypal monthly, however you wish.

These dogs are all at our shelter and safe but it costs a massive amount to feed them all monthly..

So we are looking to get 5-6 sponsors per dog and this will cover their monthly food bill.
Your name will be added to their picture on Facebook as one of their sponsors and monthly you will receive our newsletter and update on your sponsored dog.

Here are just a few of our dogs who need sponsors.  Have a look at the link to the Facebook page above, to see more.

 Thank you!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lotty...available for adoption...further update

Following my previous posts about Lotty, I am delighted to report that she is recovering very well.

Lotty was found not far from the Shelter, her leg had been hit by a car and she was bleeding and had an open wound.

 Karen got her to the vets and she was riddled with worms and her leg needed treatment, her hip is also not in the line with the other, the front leg is twisted and this has caused  a permanent limp.

However this does not stop Lotty and she loves to play and run.  If she knocks her leg then it does hurt her but Karen moves things out her way. She is full of fun and loves life now and Karen says she has never ever seen a dog so happy to be rescued.

She is around 6 months old and has since been spayed.  A medium sized, fantastic little dog.

We are hoping to get Lotty to the UK in the next few months.  She will continue to be fostered by Karen at her home until then to make sure her injured leg completely heals.

If you are interested in adopting Lotty and you live in the UK, please get in touch.

Lotty with one of Karen's dogs, Aydin.