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T.A.G. is committed to saving the animals of Turkey! Please donate today and save a life from the harsh streets these animals are born on!
We have our own private shelter set up to rehabilitate, rehome, neuter, give medical treatment to so many animals. Mission to rescue sick, stray, injured and starving animals from the streets of Turkey and to rehome these animals to loving homes throughout the world.
T.A.G. is also committed to promoting trap, neuter and release programs throughout Turkey as well as helping to educate Turkish animal shelters in the proper care of its animals.

Company Overview
The Turkish Animal Group (T.A.G.) is a registered charity and our number is 1148352 - we are based in Turkey and United Kingdom.
T.A.G. was founded by Karen Wren after she visited Turkey for the first time in 2002 when she witnessed the horrific living conditions animals were forced to deal with in Turkey day in and day out. From that day forward, Karen knew that the rest of her life would be committed to helping the animals of Turkey.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Adopted by Kerry...Blondie's Story

From Kerry:

This is Blondie at 6 months,who we took off the Turkish streets in Dalyan at the end of May 2012. Basically she adopted us and we totally fell in love with her and wanted to give her a better life with us in the UK!!

After a very hard start with us accidentally trusting the wrong woman ( whom we were told ran a bona fide dog sanctuary). Karen and Mustafa came to the rescue and did all they could to get my beloved Blondie away from the dodgy sanctuary woman. 
She refused to give her up and even had her spayed without  our permission ( from which she nearly died, as she was operated on by trainees at the local vets ). 
 To cut a very long and fraught story short, TAG went above and beyond and with the help of the local Jandarma (Military Police) with their guns drawn, my little girl was free and in Mustafa's arms... Karen was able to offer a safe place for Blondie to stay until she could be brought into the UK..which Karen helped us to arrange through TAG. To say that we were over the moon to get her in our arms once again in November 2012 was an understatement. 
We owe everything to  Karen and Mustafa, because without them Blondie would have definitely died either of starvation or other neglect issues at the so called animal sanctuary. Or she would have been poisoned or shot at the end of the season.

They have done so much to care for as many street animals as possible, feeding, creating a spay/neuter release scheme for local street dogs ( now 517 dogs have been spayed/neutured) and obtaining veterinary care for them when necessary. This is on top of caring for 70+ dogs at the TAG shelter.
If you would like to adopt a TAG dog, go to the Turkish Animal Group (TAG) Dog Adoptables page on Facebook, or contact me and I will point you in the right direction.

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