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T.A.G. is committed to saving the animals of Turkey! Please donate today and save a life from the harsh streets these animals are born on!
We have our own private shelter set up to rehabilitate, rehome, neuter, give medical treatment to so many animals. Mission to rescue sick, stray, injured and starving animals from the streets of Turkey and to rehome these animals to loving homes throughout the world.
T.A.G. is also committed to promoting trap, neuter and release programs throughout Turkey as well as helping to educate Turkish animal shelters in the proper care of its animals.

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The Turkish Animal Group (T.A.G.) is a registered charity and our number is 1148352 - we are based in Turkey and United Kingdom.
T.A.G. was founded by Karen Wren after she visited Turkey for the first time in 2002 when she witnessed the horrific living conditions animals were forced to deal with in Turkey day in and day out. From that day forward, Karen knew that the rest of her life would be committed to helping the animals of Turkey.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Elizabeth's Journey with TAG. Part 4 - Milas

Milas's Story

 I've just been out with Milas and Frodo for a toilet break. Milas is my foster girl. She comes to me for holidays and breaks and is a beautiful , young dog. She came across in the van with Zorro last November.

Karen picked up Milas as a very young pup . She was sitting in the middle of a road to nowhere- burning in the summer heat with no food or water. She had been deliberately abandoned and would undoubtedly have died without Karen's intervention. She was beside Milas, hence her name. She has the most expressive face and was at the TAG shelter - outside- where she sat at  the gate and busied herself with the outside  dogs, greeting visitors and Karen for a year and a half. She was adored by Karen.

A year and a half later and Milas is a beautiful golden and white spotted girl. She has great athleticism yet  has an easy , quiet temperament and loves people.  It hasn't been easy to get the right person for Milas - through no fault of her own. She is very loving  and gives herself completely to "her" person.

Milas landed up in  England but had to be moved quickly so Diana Gibson in Glasgow helped out and fostered her by taking her into her home. She was spoiled and petted which , by looking at Diana's photos, Milas loved. Unfortunately Diana had her Mum ill at that time so she came up to Aberdeen in the train with Milas and we met her in the station.

Because we had to get a perfect home for Milas ( after her various moves ) we went to the local paper where they did a piece on her and The New Arc - a wildlife Sanctuary near me- said to put their address on the piece with their telephone number  as they were used to finding good homes and could recognise time wasters. This we did and very quickly had two people - one through TAG and one from the paper. Because I needed to home check I took the nearest home - about 5 miles away - although the other home  near Inverness  was also perfect and they did get their own rescue dog.
 Milas is with Sebastian who, when he realised he would get her, set to work -erecting a 6 foot fence round his large garden so she could be free to run- in two weeks. I visit whenever I pass by and she adores him. " She is a blessing " was the last thing he said to me before going off on holiday. He also told me ," If I got the chance of the lottery win  or Milas , I would choose her every day." Sebastian has studied Milas and now thinks she is part Vizsla. He is a retired gentleman on his own and has all the time in the world for her and she adores him. She will be squeaking with joy when she sees him on Sunday.

This is what everyone in TAG wants-  a special home for each TAG dog where there is contact and we always hear how they are doing.

Milas with her new owner

Final instalment of Elizabeth's story to follow...Part 5 - Frodo


  1. Milas is a real stunner and it is fantastic that she eventually found the perfect home.

    1. She really is gorgeous isn't she Sharon?


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